Dedicated to Sarutahiko Okami, the Kami of GuidanceDedicated to Sarutahiko Okami, the Kami of Guidance

Sarutahiko Shrine

Sarutahiko Shrine is dedicated to Sarutahiko Okami, the Kami with powers to expel evil and guide worshippers in a positive direction.
This shrine has been served by the direct descendants of Sarutahiko Okami since its founding.

Rice Planting Festival

May 5th
The Rice Planting Festival, a traditional Shinto rite is held annually in accordance with ancient tradition on May 5th.

Sarume Shrine

Sarume Shrine is dedicated to Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, the female Kami of entertainment, harmony, marriage and joy.
The annual festival is held on August 17th and 18th.

Octagonal lumbers are used on the ridge of the roof of the shrine and Torii. The octagon represents the eight directions from directionology, an ancient System to optimize major movement or travel. Sarutahiko Okami is said to remove calamities and guide worshippers in positive directions.

Azimuth Stone Marker

The octagonal stone marker located in front of the Worship Hall marks the spot in the center of the former shrine. Many worshippers come to this sacred spot where wishes are said to come true.

Sazare-Ishi Rock

Sazare-Ishi is an auspicious rock formed by pebbles through the ages.

Treasure Stone

The Treasure Stone is an auspicious stone shaped like the treasure boat. A white snake, thought to be the symbol of wealth can be seen atop the boat.

Water Ablution

Wash your hands to purify yourself. Water is believed to wash away "impurities".

  1. Take the ladle with your right hand and pour water over your left hand.
  2. Next take a ladle with your left hand and pour water over your right hand.
  3. Hold the ladle in your right hand again and pour some water into your left hand to rinse your mouth.
     Pour water over your left hand again.
  4. Finally, use the remaining water to rinse off the handle of the ladle by holding the ladle vertically.
     Place it back on the rack.

Paying respects to the Kami

Bow twice, clap twice and bow once

  1. Look presentable and stand up straight.
  2. Bow deeply twice.
  3. Put your hands together in flont of your chest and clap your hands firmly twice.
  4. Make a wish and give thanks to the kami.
  5. Finally, bow once deeply.
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